Mountain Cake?

So I’m wandering through the wilderness of the mountains like a lost child, searching through the mist for any sign of civilisation, and just as I’m about the give up hope and resign myself to life as mountain stray, in the distance I spot a tiny farmhouse that will be my saviour! Plus they have cake…

Ok, ok, I’m kidding, except about the cake part, that bit was true. Now, I go to the Lake District every year with my family to climb mountains, but this year was my first year armed with aaaaalll my new intolerances. I wasn’t too concerned as we mostly eat in and make sandwiches for lunch up in the hills etc. HOWEVER on one particular walk we were taking a new route (past the lovely Dock Tarn in my header photo) to an old favourite tearoom in a little hamlet called Watendlath (try saying that three times fast if you’re drunk).

The tiny white specs by the tarn are hamlet of Watendlath.

I’m not much of a cake/dessert kind of gal most of the time, I suppose a lifetime of having a severe peanut allergy will do that to you. If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard something along the lines of ‘we can’t recommend the desserts as there’s no guarantee’ I would be a bloomin’ millionaire (ooh, do I smell a new money-making scheme?). So, my brain probably sub-consciously built me a defence against that in the form or a more savoury tooth.

Anyway, back to cake. This occasion was a little different to normal as this was one of my grandma’s favourite tearooms and as she had passed away earlier in the year I really wanted to be able to have a slice of cake for her with the rest of my family. Luckily this glorious little gem could not only guarantee me no peanuts BUT also had a delicious gluten free jam sponge!

I ate half of it before thinking maybe I should take a picture…

What heroes, they truly made my week and they didn’t even know it. Just goes to show that sometimes a piece of cake can make things better and that gluten free-iness is really spreading far and wide, so good news for all you celiac, intolerant and other gluten free humans out there! Next stop, multiple gluten free beers on tap in all the pubs so I can stop having no will power and suffering the consequences great beer provides (my recent trip to Barcelona was a prime example of this, we found all the craft beer places on the last day and whilst it all tasted amazing it did not feel good the next day…)

Anyway, until next time.

Restricted diet girl.

(P.S sorry for the delay in a new post, there’s been a lot going on recently, plus a couple of highly anticipated holidays I just wanted to enjoy, I’ll be better, promise. No secret fingers crossed here…)


“Dock Tarn is a place to lie adreaming, and life seems a sweet sweet thing” ~ Alfred Wainwright





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