It’s the final countdown.

WE’RE ALL GOIN’ ON A, SUMMER HOLIDAY. NO MORE WORKIN’ FOR A, WEEK OR TWO. (oh hello outdated song reference? Don’t know where you came from…)

SO, I suppose I should get to the finale of this bloomin’ trilogy of features about the elimination process I went through to figure out my food and drink intolerances and how they were affecting my health.

All was going well, a few slip ups here and there, but generally cutting everything out, feeling healthier and symptoms I had been experiencing for a year subsiding etc etc. Then, we come up to a family summer holiday to Greece. I had NO idea how I was going to tackle this, we had been to this particular place before, so I knew that the local shop was small, there was cheese and bread I was going to want to eat and beer I was going to want to drink. I knew I was going to have to plan my arse off for this one.

The delightful paradise we would be visiting.

I decided to take some stock items with me to make life a little easier; a pot of gluten free oats and a carton of rice milk to help with breakfast and a pack of gluten free pasta for when we were cooking in the apartment instead of going out. I knew I’d be eating a lot of fish when we were out for dinner so that was fine, then all I had to do was navigate lunches and avoid the beer. Easier said than done. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not blessed with an iron will when it comes to food and drink as I’m sure my friends and family could tell you.

The first week we were there went pretty well, the tiny local “supermarket” actually had some gluten free bread which was a big surprise, but certainly helpful as it meant when we were having lunch in our accommodation I could have nice easy sandwiches. Actually, we ended up having poached egg on toast most days which was nice (and I say most days because they were sometimes unsuccessful and more like egg mess on toast…)

ANYWAY, first week fine, couple of beers, no big slip ups, then came week two. Now, by this point I am in full on, chilled out holiday mode and it’s so bloody hot you can’t be bothered to move or do anything more than float in the sea, loosely anchoring yourself to a rubber ring in an attempt to cool down, let alone think about what you’re eating or drinking. The general rule became, if it’s easily available I’ll eat it and if it’s cold I’ll drink it.

31318318_10215609713866675_6989878503361478656_n (1)
Make shift beach beer holders

As I’m sure you can guess, this meant my diet slipped from my grasp and quickly spiralled out of control, I was eating bread and cheese whenever I fancied and usually had beer when I was at the beach. This made me fell pretty damn sluggish and bloated, but honestly, it was kind of hard to tell when I was there because of how the sun was making me feel anyway. It was only in the last day or so and when we were headed home that I suddenly noticed how much it had affected me. It was hard to get back into the swing of things when I was home, but luckily being back at work and having a routine helped for those last few weeks.

31421606_10215609714106681_2391325197845135360_n (1)
Burnt-face Kate trying to hide under some rocks

But, WE GOT THERE, the three-month elimination was OVER! And all I could think was when, oh when can I start putting garlic in my food again? Unfortunately, I discovered shortly after this that garlic is definitely one of those things that does not agree with me when consumed in moderate to large amounts… *weeps*. Same goes for wheat/gluten, cow’s milk/beef and of course the severe peanut allergy which I did not attempt to test. But upon re-introduction, yeast didn’t seem to have a noticeable effect of me and same goes for the wine grapes, they maybe give me a slightly hotter/more red face than other wines, but nothing major, I suppose that’s a silver lining. I’m only just starting to test the soy and lentil intolerance as they weren’t really part of my diet in the first place, but now I’m trying to introduce more vegetarian/vegan recipes’ into my diet, it would be nice to know if I could widen my food prospects a little more. I’m sure I’ll keep you updated.

So there we go, elimination story finally complete, now just the living with it part… But honestly that experience did make me think about what I was putting into my body a lot more and become healthier in general. I was eating better portions, healthier foods, exercising more because I felt GOOD and I even lost a little weight that I had gained the previous year. All in all, it paid off for me and was something I’m glad I did, even if it does make eating a little harder than before.

Until next time, with more ramblings and food tales,

Restricted diet girl.


“I wish I knew how to quit you” – Annie Proulx | Brokeback Moutain

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